How to do a GYM JUMP

Starting with the most important details – Learning proper body position is your only option!

Both arms swing rhythmically, the head stays low

·       Eyes focus on the feet throughout the skill

·       You MUST see your toes the entire time

·       Feet remain together

·       Hips remain slightly tucked under (not arched)

·       The back remains slightly rounded... chest hollow... THE WHOLE TIME!

Follow each step carefully to get the best results.

Start in a squat position, hold your arms back behind your body and then swing them forward (fingers will almost touch the floor).

1.     JUMP as high as possible. EXPLODE off the floor.
These can never be lazy jumps...  LEAP TO SKY!!!!!

2.     Swing the arms overhead as hard as possible and KEEP LOOKING at your toes!!!  When you first try the gym jump….STOP if you lose sight of your toes and start over.

3.     As your body straightens at the top of your jump, reach as high as possible. You must squeeze the feet together.  Keep your body VERY tight, point your toes, straighten the knees. Force yourself to ride the JUMP up as high as possible. Do you remember the details? NO ARCHED BACK at any time! Can you see your toes???

4.     When your feet touch the floor again IMMEDIATELY return to the squat, let your arms swing down and back on their own. Arms should swing behind you as you get to the lowest point of your squat.                                                                                 Use a steady swing and jump for this exercise – Smooth movement.

Repeat the Gym Jump 25-50 times in a row.  It is VERY challenging and exhausting

The MOST important part of this exercise - apply MAXIMUM effort in EACH jump. You do NOT relax or cut-back until you've completed the very last one.

The GYM JUMP can also be linked to your back-tuck or the back-handspring workout practice. Here is an example to try at practice:  Perform 2 or 3 exploding GYM JUMPS first and then do your trick.  Start with GYM JUMPS every time before every single trick in your practice set.

Here is some great news……GYM JUMPS have rapid results!                                                                                                                                 

·       Your legs will get super strong                                                                                                        

·       You will have a more POWERFUL jump in a short amount of time.

·       Strength and power will make your tricks safer and easier to land!