·      Back Hand Spring




Your head should remain forward and the back should be straight.
            As you begin the sit, swing your arms backward to gain momentum.
            Throwing your arms too far behind you will cause you to drop your chest.





















TIP: Strong stomach muscles are the major key to great tumbling. They help you snap your handspring down faster and will be a big help when learning more difficult skills.


You have to do some conditioning first before you can move on.  Start doing handstands against a wall in your home.   Do as many as you can each day (tons of them!), staying up as long as you can.  This strengthens your wrists, upper body and abdominals.  Try shrugging your shoulders while you are in your handstand when you get stronger.  You can't tumble without those muscles developed. 


Condition lower body by jumping - on a trampoline, up and down the bleachers – gym jumps.  Any kind of jumping to develop leg muscles.  In a month you'll have the strength where you need it.

To strengthen and limber your wrist, rest your forearm on a table with your hand over the edge. Keep fingers relaxed and bend your wrist up and down.

To strengthen the small muscles of the hand, slide your arm back until your fingers hang over with your knuckles at the table edge. Keeping your fingers straight and together and your palm flat, move your fingers up and down. 

Door Opener: This exercise stretches the muscles and ligaments that rotate the forearm, letting you turn doorknobs, use a screwdriver, of put your hand in your back pocket. 

Start with your forearm resting on a table, palm down.

Keeping your little finger on the table, turn your hand so the palm faces up.

If you use your other hand to help, grip your forearm, not the wrist or hand. 













ARMS and Shoulders:

Handstand Shoulder Shrugs


The abdominal muscles are essential in most skills, and if they're not directly involved, abdominal strength is usually very helpful. 

Body Tighteners


Hold this position for a set amount of time (between 15 and 30 seconds). Rest and repeat for the same number of seconds as before.



Hollow-body rocks

Hip rises (or "butt-ups")

Leg Lifts