Tricks 4 Kidz offers technique training for dance, cheerleading, and gymnastics focuses on developing skills and proficiency in various tumbling movements. We provide structured classes and instruction led by experienced coaches or instructors. Students can learn and refine skills such as flips, handsprings, aerials, cartwheels, and other tumbling elements.

We can provide instruction tailored to dance, cheerleading, or gymnastics, where students can learn how to incorporate tumbling into their routines and performances. The emphasis is usually on proper technique, body control, flexibility, and strength training to ensure safe and effective execution of the movements.

Tumbling coaching

Ability levels:

Beginner: Students new to tumbling or who have completed one season at Tricks 4 Kidz. Ages 5-9 years.

Advanced Beginner: Front limber on a crash or regular mat. Back kick-over or working on back kick-over. Handstand on the wall. Able to rotate on a back handspring roller.

Intermediate: Front limber & up. Back walkover or working on back walkover. Back handsprings with a hand spot.

Advanced: Walkovers, BHS, round-off BHS, working on/or toward tucks & twists.